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Why all the security experts recommend HTML Guardian for web site protection? There are so many programs that look similar.
There are really a lot of programs that seem similar to HTML Guardian - but only at first sight. All they claim they will encrypt html source code and secure your web site against content theft.
Actually there are a lot of features unique to HTML Guardian and not available in any other program. The most important of them are:

- strongest protection - HTML Guardian is world-wide recognized as the most secure website protection utility, even all our competitors acknowledge that. Files protected with most of the other similar programs can be deprotected in minutes even by not so knowledgeable users (not to mention the experts). Files secured with HTML Guardian are known to be the best protected ones.
error-free encryption - HTML Guardian's Code Analyzer ™ engine is unique , there is no similar tool in any other program. It debugs the encrypted code in all major browsers and ensures error free rendering of the encrypted file in all browsers installed on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix, QNX etc.). Files protected with other programs very often cause browser or even system crashes - you may have no idea of those problems if the files work OK on your PC, but the result of such problems could be that a lot of people will never visit your site again. Of course HTML Guardian is not bug-free, but the Code Analyzer™engine, encryption and debugging engines knowledge base is updated on a regular basis, normally at least once per month.
- full web site protection - you can protect nearly all types of web files - html, shtml, asp, php, javascript, vbscript, style sheets, images etc. - no other program can do this. Most of them can only protect html files, with questionable results and / or a very weak degree of protection.
- integrated web site image protection - not available in any other product. No other program ensures complete images protection. Actually no other program ensures whatever image protection at all.
- ultra-strong password protection - not available in any other product. Many similar programs claim they provide secure html password protection, but in all cases we tested it was actually very weak and it took several minutes for our cryptography experts to crack it. In fact, in most cases experts were not needed at all - a very basic knowledge of Javascript was enough. Almost all similar programs use elementary algorithms for password protection, most often taken from websites that provide script examples. HTML Guardian provides extremely secure, up to 384 bit key password protection - no other program ensures such level of security, or even a close level of security.
- asp source code encryption - not available in any other product. There is no other tool available on the market today that can protect asp source code in any way. HTML Guardian can also protect client-side code in the asp source. ASP encryption is a unique HTML Guardian feature.
- standardization - HTML Guardian is already a world-wide adopted standard for intellectual property protection. This may not seem very important for individual users at this time, but will become more and more important in the near future.
- fast support and bug-fixing- all user-reported bugs are usually fixed within 48 to 72 hours. A bug-fixed version is available for download for all users immediately after it is released via the auto-update utility.
- auto-update via the web - check for updates, download and install them automatically from the internet. All the updates we release are immediately available for the registered users for free. (this feature is not available in the free version)
- full command-line support - automate HTML Guardian and send commands to it from your own C, C++, Visual Basic etc. programs or batch files. This feature is used from many software developers.
- powerful batch file processing - encrypt entire web sites or file lists with protection options individually specified for each file. The Site Manager tool allows you to customize the layout of the browser in which the protected site is opened and optionally remove(disable) the Address(URL) bar, Menu bar, Toolbar, Status bar. Not available in any other product.
- advanced partial encryption capabilities - in case for some reason you do not want to encrypt the whole file, you can define precisely which parts of the code to be encrypted, or which parts of it to remain unencrypted. Such precise, user-defined partial code encryption is not available in any other software product.
- more than 30 different encryption algorithms - when protecting your files, HTML Guardian uses more than 30 different encryption algorithms . But unlike other products where you have to choose between a few encryption schemes, here you do not have to hesitate which one to choose - after a thorough examination of the source code, the CodeAnalyzer™ engine will automatically pick the one that ensures the maximum possible security and the best performance.

All the above is just a brief and incomplete summary of the most important HTML Guardian advantages. There are a lot of other security features and advantages which are not listed here. Actually a separate website will be needed to list them all in details.
However it clearly shows why anyone who wants to encrypt html, password protect web pages, use javascript encryption, protect asp, php or css files, ensure enhanced image protection etc. uses HTML Guardian, and why it is now adopted world-wide as a standard in web site encryption / intellectual property copyright protection.
Please download the free personal edition of HTML Guardian and test all the features and security options yourself.

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