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Can I secure images used in my website?
Yes. If you choose to disable the right click in the encrypted file, visitors will not be able to right click and select 'Save image..' from the context menu (this will also disable the IE6 Image Toolbar). If you choose 'Save As' from the 'File' menu in Internet explorer, it will save the html file and all images and other files referenced in it. But if the file is encrypted, images and other files will not be saved.
You may also use the 'Disable Clipboard & Print Screen' option to prevent taking screenshots of your pages.
However, when someone browses your site, all images referenced in html files are first downloaded from the server and then displayed. So all your images are somewhere on visitor's hard drive. They are not stored under their original names, but are still there and someone can find them, although that's not so easy and most internet users don't know how to do that.
For a complete image protection , you have to use Image Guardian - HTML Guardian add-on especially designed for image protection. Note that Image Guardian is fully functional only in HTML Guardian Enterprise Edition.
A complete comparison between HTML Guardian Personal, Professional and Enterprise editions you can see here.
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Can I disable the Image Toolbar in Internet Explorer 6.x?
Yes. Selecting 'Disable right click' feature will also disable the Image Toolbar available in Internet Explorer 6 and later. But for a complete image protection , you have to use Image Guardian.
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Can I protect flash animations?
No. HTML Guardian can't do anything in regard to flash (.swf) files included in your site. It can only make it much harder for your visitors to save the flash (.swf) files used in your website, but it can not protect them, and will not modify them in any way.
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Can I disable print screen function?
Yes. Just check the 'Disable Clipboard & Print Screen' box in the main HTML Guardian window before encrypting some file. This will make impossible taking screenshots of the protected html file. If you want to secure image files used in your website, to disable Print Screen is one of the necessary measures.
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