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Can I

disable right click

  for a web page?

Yes, you can. Just check the 'Disable right click' box in the main HTML Guardian window before you encrypt html file for which you want to use this feature. This will make impossible the visitors of the page to access the right click browser context menu.

A side effect of using the disable right click option is that the ImageToolbar available in the Internet Explorer browser (version 6.0 or higher) will be disabled as well.
The IE ImageToolbar provides an easy way to instantly print or save any picture in any web page. This feature makes image theft really easy - just click on and save any image, then reuse it as you wish. That's why it is important to disable the right click in browsers.
Of course, it is not enough to disable the Image Toolbar or the right click context menu in order to secure images on your website.
When someone browses your site, any external file (.gif, .jpg, .png, .swf, .css, .js .vbs etc.) used in any of the pages is stored in the browser's cache (also known as Temporary Internet Files). This is of course also valid for html. Hide source, prohibiting right click, using expiry meta tags etc. will not prevent keeping each file you viewed in browser in the cache. Advanced users might be able to extract any file from the cache and later re-use it. It is very important to understand that putting different meta tags that make the pages to expire will NOT prevent keeping the files to the local hard disk. If you put inside some html file a meta tag that makes the page to expire immediately, the result will be just that the next time the user wants to visit the page, the browser will directly request it from the web location - so such tags ensure that the visitor will always see the most recent version of the page, not a cached one. But a copy of the page (and all external files referenced in it) remains in the Temporary internet files folder after each visit.
The only way to ensure secure image protection is to use the Image Guardian tool. This will make impossible any pictures to be extracted from the browser temp files in their original, complete form.

Another consequence of using this security option is that it will make impossible to drag something (for example a picture or another object) and drop it outside the browser window (for instance in another browser window, in an image editing program, etc.)
We recommend to protect all html files with the disable right click option. Please note that if you use your own no-right-click scripts, they may interfere with it.

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