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HTML Guardian crashes when started on WindowsXP
In some very rare cases, when you start HTML Guardian on a WindowsXP system, you may see an error message like:
"HTML Guardian has encountered an error and needs to close" or similar (or the program may just quit without an error message). In such case HTML Guardian will not properly encrypt html source, protect web images, password protect html files, hide html source code etc.
This can be caused by some "tweaking" programs, for example WindowsBlinds or others that carelessly modify the Windows registry.
If you experience such problem, go to HTML Guardian's installation folder (most likely C:\Program Files\HTML Guardian ). Right click on the htmlg.exe file and select 'Properties' from the context menu. Click the 'Compatibility' tab. Check the 'Disable visual themes' box. If available, check also the 'Turn off advanced text services' box.
This settings changes will be applied only to HTML Guardian, and will not affect any other program on your computer.
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I see an error message "Component 'xxxxx.yyy' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid " when I start HTML Guardian or when I try to use some feature. What to do?
This means some .ocx or .dll file is either missing, corrupted or improperly registered on your system. HTML Guardian setup package includes all such files which the program needs to run, but you can still see this error message in some cases ( for example if you uninstall some other program, the uninstaller may remove some file which HTML Guardian needs ).
If you see this message,you can mail our support team for the missing file, but you can also find it yourself - just go to Google or some other search engine and enter 'xxxxx.yyy' or 'download xxxxx.yyy' as a search phrase - there are a lot of sites from where you can download .ocx or .dll files.
After you download the missing file, copy it to your \System32 folder (or to the \System folder on 9.x OS's). Then click Windows 'Start' button, click 'Run', in the box type
regsvr32 xxxxx.yyy
and click OK. You will see a message that the operation succeeded. That's all, the problem should be fixed.
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Virus scanners or internet security programs display alerts about HTML Guardian. What should I do?
Some personal firewalls (like Norton Internet Security etc.) may display an alert that the file htmlg.exe(that's the main HTML Guardian executable) tries to connect to the web. In such case you may configure your personal firewall to deny htmlg.exe any access to the web - this will not affect HTML Guardian's functionality (Professional & Enterprise edition users: the Auto-Update utility executable[hgu.exe] should be able to connect to the web, otherwise you will not be able to use the Auto-Update feature).
Some antivirus programs may also display alerts about htmlg.exe - all such alerts are false and you may ignore them.
For example some versions of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus(NAV) may display an alert like "Malicious script detected" - in this case configure NAV to "Authorize this script", or choose the option with the closest meaning from the list of available options.
Most antivirus programs allow certain files to be excluded from virus activity detection. It is strongly recommended that you exclude the main HTML Guardian executable htmlg.exe from virus activity detection, otherwise the program may not work correctly in some cases (you may scan the program's installation folder before doing this to be sure the files are not infected). For some antivirus program you may need to exclude htmlg.exe again after each auto-update.
Virus scanners may disturb the normal execution of the program. If the program does not properly hide source code, protect images, perform javascript encryption etc. , the normal execution might be halted by an improperly working virus scanner.
Each new version of HTML Guardian is scanned with 4 different virus scanners before uploading - you can be sure that the program is not infected.
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HTML Guardian works slow
Could be, on relatively slow machines. HTML Guardian is very different from all other HTML Guardian - like programs. It performs a deep analysis of your source code in order to predict and avoid possible problems and to select the best possible protection for each file. It also tests and debugs the encrypted output and in case of failure, or in case the encrypted file security is unsatisfactory, it may restart the encryption process. All this takes time, but ensures maximum security and performance for the encrypted files.
There are however ways to improve the encryption speed:
- if you do not intend to use Image Guardian, disable it. If it is enabled, the CodeAnalyzer™ engine and the debugging engines perform a lot of additional tasks.
- disable Multi-language support if it is not actually needed. Multi-language support is not needed for pages that are in English and in most of the West European languages like Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, French, German etc.
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